Pictures of our work

Pictures of our work

Case 1: Teeth with heavy attrition restored with composite resin filling materials.

case1-before case1-after

Case 2 : Crowded and discoloured after a full Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers.

case2-before case2-after

Case 3: Amalgam Replacement: Old unsightly and failing amalgam restorations replaced with Composite fillings.

case3-before case3-after

Case 4: Amalgam Replacement : Old Amalgams which fractured replaced with Composite fillings and Ceramic onlays

case4-before case4-after

Case 5: Old ill fitting dentures replaced with a new partial denture which completely transformed her smile.

case6-before case6-after

Case 6: Porcelain Veneers to replace discoloured anterior fillings.

case6-before case6-after